Healing Stronger ~ Orlando Florida
A Healthy Lifestyle Support Group

This site is the support site for Healing Stronger - Orlando.  Initially started to be a cancer support group, we believe that the answer to Complete Health & Wellness in the same for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more : a Plant Based Lifestyle.  Most lifestyle diseases of modern day Americans can be traced back to the lousy Standard American Deadly Diet that so many/most consume or contaminants found in the workplace and in the home. Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute: “You can't keep one disease and heal two others - when the body heals it heals everything”. This will apply not only to cancer but to most of the other lifestyle diseases we see in America Today.  

Join us on our journey to Health, Wellness, and Longevity!

We serve the Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud and the Central Florida area and are located in Hunters Creek, a community located South of Orlando Florida.  This group will focus on Cancer, in all it's forms,  and how it may be reversed and above all Prevented with a Healthier Lifestyle.  We are open to all interested parties who wish to understand cancer, it's cause, treatment and reversal.  Please see our medical disclaimer.

We plan to hold regular meetings and invite you to attend.  When the group grows we will meet in a local facility, yet to be determined.  We may also do web conferences, facebook live or Google Meetups in the future.  Please visit our FaceBook Group and contact us with any questions.

We will be using Chef Nancy's book: "Restoring America's Health" as our guide to promote a healthier, cancer free lifestyle!  We have just received a great review by Naked Food Magazine in the Fall 2017 issue!

We will use your response to schedule our first meeting.

This Group is NOT affiliated with HealingStrong